What time is it? “Adulting” Time.

Katelynn Groh—(Anyone catch my High School Musical 2 reference? No? You didn’t watch HSM? Oh okay.)

ANYWHO…94 days. 94 days until I am officially an “adult.” No more asking mom and dad for money (ha…that’ll still happen ;P), no more free gym membership, no more moving into a dorm in August.

94 days until I graduate.

There. I said it. I’m GRADUATING. My group of friends and I refuse to say the g-word. People will ask us if we’re excited to graduate and we reply with, “we don’t talk about the g-word,” and change the topic immediately. But with less than 100 days left, it’s time to start acknowledging it.

Today was the day I started “prepping” for adulting. I applied to my #1 grad school (Capella University), applied for graduation, donated my senior gift, bought my dress for graduation, and RSVPed to Senior Forum. I’ve made small steps so far this semester but today was the day that I accepted my fate. And here’s what I’ve learned these last couple weeks…

  1. Plan ahead! Look into grad programs 1-2 years in advance. Depending on your major you might have a hefty list of items to complete for your graduate school application. For me it was easy since I’m planning on doing online graduate school so I can work at the same time.
  2. Turns out there IS a deadline to apply for graduation. Keep on eye on this date because if you apply after this date your name won’t be in the program :/
  3. Go to Senior Forum! This hasn’t happened for me yet, but I know it’s where you go to find out everything you need to know about commencement! Plus, you could win a free cap and gown! Who wouldn’t be down for saving $60!?
  4. Give back and make a Senior Gift. You can choose whatever amount you want to pay AND it can go to any department of your choosing! Because I’m an RA, I had my Senior Gift go towards the Office of Residential Life and Learning Communities. I also had my gift go towards the Office of International Education because my study abroad experience was the best experience in my 4 years here at Brockport. Plus you get a free T-shirt for donating.
  5. Go to Career Services and have them look over your resume. Doesn’t hurt to do this your first year. You’d be surprised at how often you’ll be sending that out. You definitely want to make sure it’s professional and covers everything you want to include about yourself to get the job, internship, research opportunity, etc.
  6. For my planners out there…START PINNING. Commencement outfits, hair styles, and most importantly…CAP DESIGNS! I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to decorating my cap! I’m very excited!

And finally…make the most of every moment here at Brockport. Change you major…multiple times, make mistakes (believe me, you will), learn, make memories.

Four years seems like a long time, but I assure you…it goes by in the blink of an eye.

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