Memorable Moments from Fall 2015

Spencer Linsner—Hey everyone!

As I settle in for the spring semester, I can’t help but take some time to reflect on last semester as well. To that end, this post is about sharing two of my favorite memories from last semester!

First off, my favorite memory from the courses I took probably happened during my Web App Development class. For the entire second half of the class, I worked with a group to create a functioning website designed for an actual corporate partner. From our bare-bones first iteration, we crafted and re-built our website until we had a finished product that was as polished as it was functional. And when the corporate sponsor came in on the final day of class to grade it, he told us he was extremely impressed with our website and gave us grades to reflect that!

I remember being more proud of that assignment than any other I’d worked on yet in college; I was extremely fortunate to have group mates who were both intelligent and extremely talented, and this project resembled very closely the kind of work I want to do after I graduate.

One of my favorite memories from out of class has to be when the a cappella group I’m in on campus, Brockapella, performed “Hide and Seek”. That song was one that I, along with Brittni (one of my fellow group members), had been championing: I found the sheet music, and Brittni and I taught the parts to the group over the course of a semester. To finally hear all the parts come together and be performed for an audience was incredibly rewarding, and made the hours of rehearsal completely worth it. Once again, super proud of my fellow group members.

Overall, it was a great semester, and I can’t wait to see what this one will bring!

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