Semester Recap: Memorable Moments

Kayla Green—Hi everyone!

As my winter break wraps up, I wanted to reflect on last semester while I prepare for my next one! I think some of my fondest memories of this semester involve the new friends I have made. I was so lucky to meet such great people right away and have new people I consider close to me. Some highlights include our weekend trip to Lewiston, seeing Mockingjay Part 2 at midnight, and our Halloween adventures. Overall, living on my own and experiencing independence like I never had before was something I took away from the past few months.

My winter break has been relaxing and fun! I was able to catch up with my high school friends and do fun winter activities such as skating downtown at Canalside with them. I also spent a lot of time with my family and worked a lot at my job at Aeropostale. I binge watched Grey’s Anatomy like never before with my mom, finishing seasons 3-7 in these short 5 weeks! (It’s just too addicting.) It was really nice to be back home again and just get a break from all the schoolwork and routine.

For the upcoming semester, I am taking 20 credits counting my video internship. I know it is going to be a lot of work but I’m prepared for the challenge. I have a feeling the next semester is going to fly by, so I am just going to try to enjoy every moment as much as I can.I have a new roommate now, which should be exciting. I am going to be living with one of my good friends Neely; both of our roommates moved out to live with someone else, so we get to be together! I only had to move a couple doors down and everything is all set in my new room already, so I don’t have to stress about moving back this weekend. I am looking forward to the coming months, and finishing off my freshman year of college!

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