My Winter Break in 381 Words

My Winter Break in 381 Words

Missy Fischer—It feels as though this winter break has come and gone with a blink of an eye. The past five weeks, for me personally, have just flown by. Finals week ended on a high note; I was happy with both my final exam grades and overall grades for the semester. The week after I was finished with my exams, I stayed in Brockport and worked at my serving job in Gates. It felt nice to relax in my cozy apartment and not have any schoolwork obligations to worry about. The following week was spent at home with my family for the holidays. Being home for the holidays always makes me the happiest; it’s that time of year where all my immediate and extended family comes together and gets to spend quality time together.

For the New Year, I went to Key West, FL, for the week with my boyfriend. We have a friend who lives in the Keys so when we visit, we live like the locals. We had an amazing time and it was an awesome trip. The weather was wonderful and the company was even better. I was sad to come back to New York’s cold weather, but it also felt nice to spend some more time with my family. Since I got back from Florida, my family and I celebrated my Dad’s 50th birthday and also spent a weekend away in Old Forge, snowmobiling and enjoying the snow.

It’s hard for me to believe that the beginning of my final semester at college is just around the corner. It’s scary, yet exciting at the same time. I have mixed feelings about my undergraduate college career coming to an end. I’m ready to be finished with assignments and sitting through long classes, but I’m not ready to leave my friends. A lot of my friends aren’t from this area, and I’m not sure how often I’ll realistically be able to see them once we graduate. With this upcoming semester about to start, I have set a goal for myself. I hope to spend the most amounts of time I can with my closest friends, and make the most of our time left here at Brockport. With that being said, I’m ready for my final semester at Brockport to commence!


Above is the view at Fort Zach Beach at the Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

in Key West, FL – January 1st, 2016


Above is a “Famous” Key West Sunset at Fort Zachary Beach, Key West, FL

January 1st, 2016


Above is a photo that was taken on a catamaran boat during a “Sunset Cruise”

in Key West, FL – January 4th, 2016

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