Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos

Melissa Fischer—Two words come to mind when I think about the final weeks of the semester: controlled chaos. These final weeks are usually filled with lots of assignments and exams that finalize the semester and bring it to a close. With so much going on in such a small amount of time it’s easy to become stressed out and feel like the workload is just not possible; but I promise, it is and YOU CAN DO IT! Controlling the chaos in these final weeks is the key to saving your sanity. I see many people who tend to make the end of their semester much more stressful than they need to. My advice for controlling the chaos includes a few simple tips and tricks.

  1. Time management: This is probably the most helpful piece of advice that makes the rest of my suggestions even an option. Managing your time with assignments and studying in the final weeks of the semester (and throughout the entire semester for that matter) really helps decrease your stress. My way of managing my time and assignments is utilizing an agenda and monthly calendar. I like to be able to visually see all my obligations and work that needs to be done so I can plan when I will be completing all these tasks.
  2. Stress-Relieving Activities: It’s important to find an activity that helps you relieve some stress from your schoolwork. Finding a hobby that you find enjoyment in is important. Being able to de-stress with an activity of your choosing will not only help you in school, but also in life. Because we all know life is full of stressors.
  3. Taking Mental Breaks: Mental breaks are super important, because let’s face it, sometimes a little Netflix is just good for the brain to veg out and relax. Over-studying can also really fry your brain and sometimes make you more confused later on when reviewing the material. I also know I’m due for a mental break when I start thinking; “I have no idea what I’m looking at anymore, I think I’ve just been looking at the same thing for too long”.
  4. Pet Therapy: Because sometimes just petting a fluffy, loving animal can immediately uplift your spirits. Brockport usually puts on an event at least once a semester where they bring in pets that students can come by and pet and hang out with to help de-stress.
  5. Make time for some FUN: Although the final weeks of the semester seem to have to be all work and absolutely no fun, in the past three years I have found that making some time for some fun is wicked important too. College can sometimes be tough, but that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play.

I wish everyone luck and sanity in the final weeks of the semester, and I hope you find this advice helpful 🙂 Happy Studying!

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