Alex Winslow—Hello All!
This blog post will talk about an important topic. It is about how we as college students begin to grow away from our parents and how that is healthy. I will say that I am writing this from a commuter mindset, so I realize the particulars may be different if you live on campus.
When you begin college, you begin a new adventure. You may have had opportunities and responsibilities in high school, but they become escalated in college. With that being said, now is the time that you find that family obligations, classes, and clubs may be hard to juggle. Setting boundaries with family is important as you tell them you are growing up and create your own independence.
I have found that my family being around during my school does affect my grades and takes time away from my school.
Here are a few tips on how to declare boundaries with your parents.
• Talk to them once a week or work up to it. You don’t always have to be in contact with them.
• From the student point of view, you always want to be doing something around the university.
• The parental point of view may be that they need to establish constant communication with you to make themselves feel better. (Keep this in mind so you don’t distance yourself from them too drastically.)
• You are their baby and they don’t want you to leave them. Or maybe they want to convert your room into an entertainment center?

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