Brockway: Good Food, Great People

Brockway: Good Food, Great People

Daniel Carter—Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t written anything since my first post, I have been busy. Today I wanted to talk about my favorite diner at Brockport, which just so happens to be the place I work at. I started working at Brockway after the second week of school and continue to work 3 shifts a week. It was actually really easy to apply to BASC to get my job. For prospective students, BASC stands for Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation, which basically means it deals with all of the food services on the Brockport campus.  All I did was submit a “resume” (which I made in a few minutes so it doesn’t have to be anything special) containing my information and some things about my past employment and skills. Then I sent it to all the openings on Eagle Connect that BASC was offering and got a hit within a day. But I actually think you can apply right from the BASC website as well. The great benefit of working there is you get a free meal every shift you work and it’s all you can eat! It’s great for people without meal plans or limited meal plans because it adds another meal on top of whatever you have. I love it because I get to eat as much as I want after work and I can drink their amazing chocolate milk. Also, since I work 2 night shifts, they give you the option to come in and eat your meal 30 minutes before you work. This is great if you have class after work, or night shifts like me. Also the workers at Brockway are some of the best coworkers I have had. The managers are cool and are always very nice unless of course you slack off. Even the staff and cooks are great to talk to and are hilarious. Overall Brockway is a great work environment.

But enough with the work side of Brockway, what about the food?! Well people, you won’t be disappointed because there is a big variety of great food all throughout the day. During lunch and dinner they have new menu items every night, along with the deli, bagel and toast area, salad and dessert bar, and cereal counter. Not to mention their enormous variety of drinks. There is a job designated to just the beverage bar, which is a job I had for the first few weeks. You can basically get any type of soda or juice you could ever want and more. On top of that you can get coffee: iced, regular, decaf, hazelnut, french vanilla cappuccino, or hazelnut cappuccino; milk: skim, 2%, chocolate, vanilla and chocolate soy milk, and almond milk; and hot chocolate. There’s also a huge variety of cereal that is open all day. I can honestly say that cereal is 10 times better at night than in the morning. Probably because I usually have it after a long day’s work. Brockway also offers a number of dietary options so no one is excluded. And who doesn’t like an all you can eat buffet?! All in all, I have to say that Brockway is an amazing place and is just one of the several food services offered at Brockport. Here is the link to the BASC website if you’re interested:

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