Mid Semester “Break”

Mid Semester “Break”

Missy Fischer—Mid Semester break came exactly at the right time. I was starting to feel burnt out and ready to have some relaxing quality time back at my parents’ house. But, although it’s considered a break, I’m not sure I, personally, can think of it as that. I have two exams this upcoming Friday, so to me, it has unfortunately not felt like that much of a break from schoolwork and studying. On the same token though, it has been a different change of pace to be at home and studying for exams. I usually am never able to get schoolwork done at my parents’ house, but this time I’ve actually been able to buckle down. Nice of it to finally happen Senior Year, right? My exams are in Critical Care and a test out for Medical Math Administration.

I can’t sit here and tell you that my entire break has been doing schoolwork though either. I was able to see my friends from home a couple times and I also was able to spend lots of time with my parents and grandparents (and most importantly, my dog and three cats, too!). I’m thankful for these times I’m able to spend at home, because I don’t come home often. And I also know that the probability that I’ll be moving home next year is slim to none. It’s such an exciting, yet scary, thought that this is my last year of school and “real life” as I’ve began to think of it as, will start next June… All in all I’m extremely thankful for the little time off we had from classes, and I’m excited to get this next half of the semester completed and be one step closer to graduating in May!!

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