5 Times Drake Memorial Library Helped me Out

5 Times Drake Memorial Library Helped me Out

Help DeskAlex Winslow—

1. The ITS Help Desk

Have you ever lost your ability to use your mouse and keyboard right after a class? I have!!! Thanks to an update, I also was no longer able to connect to WiFi to redo the update. Thanks to the Walk-Up Desk, they had an Ethernet cord to give me and I was able to reinstall the necessary programs.

2.  Open until 1:30 am

Drake HoursI am grateful for this! There is a place for me to study far away from distractions! I always have so many things to do from 8 am until 4 pm that it is an awesome privilege to come to the library to still be able to get my work done.

3. Tech Tools

This is the location of library where you can ask for many tools you might need to use.
Click Here for Tech Tools
I am fan of the Chrome-books. Certainly come in handy when you need to quickly write a paper on a Google doc.

Aerie4. The Aerie Cafe

I am content we have a cafe in the building! I am certainly a regular of the cafe before I get into studying.

5.  The Food Cart!

At the end of the semester when everyone is highly focused on their exams, we get the best blessing. Free food provided by a food cart that goes around rooms throughout the library in the later hours of the night.

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