How Involvement Changed My College Career

How Involvement Changed My College Career

Liz Herrmann—Hi Everyone!

It has been quite some time since I have last checked in and a lot has happened! It is my last semester here at the fabulous College at Brockport and I am excited but sad to leave!

While being in my last semester, I have been walking around campus thinking about, if I could do my four years over, what would I change?

Nothing. Everything I have been involved with has shaped me as a person and inspired my passions moving forward in life; I cannot imagine going to class, going back to my room and studying. My favorite memories at Brockport are those spent outside of the classroom, and most of those will be beneficial in more ways than just being enjoyable experiences. I will talk about my involvement in countless clubs and groups in job interviews and hopefully the employer will notice the passion I have for higher education. On campus there are over 100 clubs and organizations ranging from cultural clubs (ex. ALAS, Caribbean Student Association, African Student Union, Brockport Manga and Anime Club) to arts and social interest clubs such as Hip Hop Dance Club, Brockport Swing Dance Society, Humans vs. Zombies, and Art Student Association. One of the best things about Brockport is that if there is not a club one finds appealing, they can actually create their own club! This happened a couple years ago with individuals who wanted an a cappella group on campus; they created their own, and today Brockapella is the premiere a cappella group on campus.

If you have an interest in something, absolutely do it! Wanna travel the world? Do it! Perform, conduct research, compete on a collegiate level! Just do it! Getting involved was one of the best things I will take away from being a Brockport student, along with an unceasing love for Brockway’s cookies, Harrison’s feta puffs and the amazing tight knit community that comes with this wonderful place!


Orientation Student Advisors

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