Welcome to Brockport: My First Few Weeks

Kayla Green—Hello everyone!

My name is Kayla! I am from Buffalo and I am a freshman majoring in Journalism and Broadcasting, and I have been at Brockport for almost three weeks now. I am loving college life so far, it is everything I wanted it to be and much more. I know that before I arrived here I had a million questions and worries, and now that I have found out the answers to most of those I will try to turn them back around into advice for you guys!

When I chose to apply to Brockport, I had visited the campus once and I knew that it was my favorite school out of the ones I had seen. I loved the sense of community, the size of the campus and student body, and the many opportunities such as the Honors College. After I was accepted, I still had a choice to make. I was between the University at Buffalo and Brockport. Even though I loved Brockport more, I was still unsure if I could really pack up my life and move an hour away from home; from everyone and everything I had ever known. Needless to say, I ended up choosing Brockport after receiving admittance into the Honors College and realizing that this was an opportunity I would have to be stupid to turn down.

Writing this now, moving away still sounds scary but then I remember that is my life now and it’s really not that bad! If you want to go away to college but you are worried about leaving your family, friends, hometown, house, etc, I encourage you to take the chance. There is no one closer to my family and high school friends than I am, and I did it! I still talk to my parents and brother several times a week and I keep in contact with my high school friends daily via texting, Snapchat, video chat, etc. Initially leaving them was very sad, but it was more of a bittersweet feeling. They were so excited for me, as was I, to start this new chapter in my life, but of course we would miss each other. You learn to look at the distance as the norm and the phone calls and visits home make you even more grateful and appreciative for your loved ones. Just remember they want you to succeed and them being sad about you leaving is totally normal. It doesn’t mean they’re not happy for you, they will just miss you!

Moving into my dorm was so much fun! Buying everything I needed for my new independent life was very exciting, and I brought a ton of pictures and posters to hang on my walls. Decorating a completely new room is a really cool feeling, especially knowing it is where you will be spending a ton of your time in the next several months. My roommate and I have a very good system going with respecting each other’s space and lifestyles, and I have yet to run into any problems. Just be open with them from day one about what is acceptable and what is not, and you guys will be fine. A common misconception is that you and your roommate have to be best friends. Don’t put that pressure on yourself, as long as you can live comfortably together it will be great!

Speaking of friends, I have a unique situation because two of my best friends from high school also came to Brockport with me. We decided to dorm separately and also to live in different Living Learning Communities (floors in the dorms dedicated to certain majors or interests, I live in the Honors House). We made this decision in order to allow ourselves to branch out and not rely on each other completely. If you find out you are going to the same school as a high school friend, I would encourage you to make this choice as well. These girls are truly my best friends, it is nothing against them, but you don’t want to close yourself off from making new friends and having new experiences by staying in a zone where you feel comfortable already. It is going to be uncomfortable at first no matter who you are, you just have to be willing to fight the awkwardness and you might just come out with some new friends! I have met incredible girls on my floor who are already becoming some of my good friends. I have been lucky enough to click with these people, but I had to work at it. I went in the lounge to hang out with them, I got their numbers and asked them to hang out, and I tried to get to know them. Once you do this, you will see that other people are trying to do the exact same thing and you will find your people. In addition to these people, I still see my high school friends every day, and I am friends with their roommates too! We all hang out together and it really works out well.

My classes so far haven’t been too bad. I am in Honors Improv Theater, Modern World Literature, Intro to Honors, Chorus, Sound Stage and Surface, and Fundamentals of Media. None of these are extremely demanding courses that require labs or anything, but they do require a lot of reading. The amount of reading was definitely a shock to me, but I am learning to get used to it. My professors are all pretty nice, they realize that we are just freshmen and we are new to this whole college thing. You know how high school teachers make it seem like professors won’t help you at all, or remind you of anything, or give you printed hand-outs? This may be true for some professors, but all the ones I have seem like regular teachers to me! Don’t be freaked out by the thought of professors, they’re not much different than the teachers you have now. They are there to help you succeed and they will do whatever they can to do so.

I was a huge club person in high school, and I got very involved with everything. Name a club, I was in it. I am trying not to put too much on my plate in college, but I have joined some clubs already. I am a part of The Point, which is the radio station on campus; Talon TV, the TV station on campus; Honors Club; and writing for this blog! In the future I also want to be a part of a show — theater has always been and always will be a huge part of my life — and maybe the Brockport Student Government as well. Don’t take on more than you can handle right off the bat, give it some time and see what you will have time for.

There are so many other aspects about my life here at Brockport that I will continue to share with you in the future, so stay tuned! 🙂

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