Senior Year: The Final Chapter

Missy Fischer—Hi all!! For those of you new to the blog, my name is Melissa and I’m a senior nursing student here at The College at Brockport. A senior; I cannot believe it. I can remember being a freshman so clearly it feels like just last week. I have mixed emotions about being a senior this year. I’m excited to finally be a registered nurse and work in a hospital, but I’m also in denial that I’ll be entering the real world in just a few short (eight) months. It’s unreal to me that college will be over, and this chapter of my life will come to a close.

For this post I would like to talk about a few tips and tricks on making the best out of your college experience. My biggest piece of advice may seem cliché, but I promise you it’s important. GET INVOLVED. Getting involved can mean anything from joining a club to joining a club sports team to getting a part-time job to going to your residence hall’s events, etc. Just doing something to get yourself surrounded and involved with people who are interested in the same things as you. To me it has been so important and beneficial to make connections with new people. Through making connections with new people you will learn so much about others, the world, and most importantly yourself. You will form new ideas on things and ultimately grow as a person. And to me, that is what college is all about. It may make you nervous to go out there and join a new group of people, but some really great things happen just outside of your comfort zone.

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