A New Major, Online Courses, and a New Mindset

Alex Winslow—Hello, Brockport!!!

As a returning sophomore, I am excited to be back! I am back with a fresh mindset, new major, and new experiences.

So I found out that a major in computer information systems was not what I wanted. I have now switched my major to liberal studies with a minor in CIS. So far, I am liking the change.

This semester is my first experience with an online course at Brockport. I am nothing but enthusiastic about it! So far it has been mostly a discussion board, but I foresee multiple papers on the horizon. Being able to complete my work from both my phone and my computer has been a good experience. We started out with a “2 truths and a lie” discussion post to introduce ourselves to our other classmates. All of my course work is available to me and I can work on it during set time periods. I do not have complaints so far with the course. Also, it feels like everyone has an equal time to talk about topics. In class, you only have so much time to talk with all of the classmates, so certain students may dominate a discussion when you only have a 55-minute class. That is not an issue with online posts.

Now my new mindset is becoming a better student, such as studying now for a test I know is coming up this Thursday. My goal is to stop waiting and go for what I need to get done. Over the summer, I de-techified my room to make sure I could focus on school. My Xbox was a huge distraction. I also got a grip on my time management. I have limited my time with clubs to improve my GPA.

Here’s to a great semester with a fresh start!

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