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Orientation Student Advisors

Three months have flown by since the end of the academic year, and in just a couple of weeks, we’ll welcome students to campus for the start of the next one! It’s been a busy summer, both here on campus and for our bloggers as they traveled, worked, caught up with friends and family, and savored the chance for some hard-earned relaxation.

I checked in with the blogging crew to ask what they’ve been up to:

Scenes from a European excursion. Fun fact: Liz and Katelynn were on the same trip!

« My summer, summed up »

Missy Fischer: My summer has been full of working, traveling and spending time with family and friends. The phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” comes to mind because my summer feels like it has come and gone in a blink of an eye!

Liz Herrmann: This summer has been pretty busy for me! I went abroad to Europe for about three weeks! And it was absolutely amazing! After that, I welcomed over 1,200 students during Orientation, and I loved every minute of it! After Orientation, I spent a weekend in NYC with my sister to help plan for her wedding, and I just got back from a huge family vacation with my dad’s whole side of the family in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware!

EuropeKatelynn Groh: Summer 2015 has been the best summer by far; I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to top it! When I wasn’t gallivanting through Europe all of June, I was working (and shopping! :P) at American Eagle, anxiously awaiting my return to campus for RA Training!

« Highlight of the summer so far »

Missy: The highlight of my summer has been a spontaneous road trip down to Memphis and Nashville, TN!

Katelynn: Definitely my study abroad trip to Europe. Hands down. If I could relive those 3 weeks for the rest of my life, I’d be totally content.

« Best thing about coming back to Brockport »

Missy: I’m most excited to see all my friends when I come back to Brockport for the fall semester!!

Liz: Meeting my new residents and seeing new freshmen on campus!

Katelynn: Seeing my best friends! I’ve missed them all so much! Also…Jimmy Z’s mozzarella sticks. Nothing can compare.

A few of our alumni shared their adventures as well! We always love hearing about the exciting things our students have gone on to after Brockport:

Jim Mignano ’13: Summer is always a busy time of year for me, because I pick up my second job as a server at the Stafford Country Club. In my spare time, I’ve enjoyed boating on Cayuga Lake with my family and seeing many of my great friends from Brockport! The highlight of my summer so far was a weekend trip to Boston with my girlfriend, featuring my first trip to Fenway Park and a great tour of the Harpoon Brewery. I will still be working at (and loving) Text100 Global Communications in the fall, and I will be serving as the President of PRSA Rochester in 2016!

Caitlyn Carson ’15: I’ve mostly been napping and reading this summer. I decided to take the summer off from all work because it’s the last summer ever I could get away with it. I took my sister to see Taylor Swift, which was surprisingly fun! This weekend, I start the drive out to San Diego for grad school. I move in the 21st, then start classes the 24th.

Kelsey Sherman ’15, former blog intern extraordinaire: Brockport couldn’t get rid of me that quickly! I’ve spent the summer working for the Office of Conferences and Events, working with their summer programs staff. The biggest highlight from my summer was going to Cancun, Mexico, right after graduation with my cousin! Next up, I am attending grad school at Brockport! I am in the communication program and I am also teaching a public speaking class!

Best wishes for the last few weeks of summer and the much-anticipated start of the fall 2015 semester! We hope your own summer adventures have been fabulous.

Orientation Student Advisors
Fun fact #2: Missy was also an Orientation Student Advisor, along with Liz. They’re pictured front and center.

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