Procrastination at its finest.

Procrastination at its finest.

Katelynn Groh—What better way to procrastinate all my final presentations and papers than with a blog? Right. Glad you see it my way!

But really, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while. I was going to post a tweet about it but thought I could elaborate on it and let you guys know what college is actually like, not just what you see on the outside.

Ya’ll know how I accepted the Townhome Assistant position for next year, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I knew the second I got the email that I was accepting the position. I was (am) ready to move onto bigger and better things. I’ve called McFarlane “home” for three years and while I have grown and changed a lot, I am ready for a change of scenery. I didn’t think I’d be at all nostalgic about leaving McFarlane or the LLC I helped build, but how wrong I was.

Today was my last Math & Physical Sciences LLC meeting. I was doing okay until LLC Coordinator Monique Rew-Bigelow ended the meeting with, “Real talk…I have to say thank you for being a part of this LLC for the past two years and all you have done for it. It’s been fun, and it won’t be the same without you.” That pulled right on my heartstrings.

THEN I come back from class and stop in the office to say hello to Charles, the RD, when I walk in on the new McFarlane staff for next year talking and getting to know each other. It hit me then that I really wasn’t coming back to McFarlane next year…I really am saying good-bye to this building in just two short weeks.

While I’m still beyond excited to be a TA next semester, I am going to miss McFarlane a lot. More than I ever thought possible. Like I’ve said before, I’ve lived in McFarlane for three years, and in those three years I have made friends, lost friends, took chances, grew as a person, and most importantly, I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime.

No matter where I live during my college career, McFarlane will always be considered home.IMG_5667

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