I chose Brockport for the Honors College, but I stayed for the people I met.

Spencer Linsner—In March 2013, when I was in the middle of my decision-making process, I had one big thing on my mind: Money. I was certain that I didn’t want to have to worry about debt when I finished, so I wanted to make sure the school I picked was the best value. And when it came right down to it, Brockport delivered in spades. Thanks to the Honors College program, I was offered a tuition scholarship and a free iPad, among other perks. Combine that with Brockport’s size, distance from my home (both were perfect for me), and the fact that they actually had my major (precious few schools did), Brockport seemed to be a perfect fit.

Now that my time here is half done (man, that’s weird to write), I’m so glad I came here, but not just because I’m saving money. Nope, I’m still here because I met some awesome people when I came to Brockport: my girlfriend Julia, my friend Danielle, my roommate John, the rest of the guys in my suite, friends from Honors, friends from Brockapella…I could go on. And the Computer Science faculty are awesome as well. Teachers like Dr. Mitra and Professor Rogers have been great advisers and mentors so far, and I look forward to continuing to learn from them.

In short, I came here because the scholarship was too good to pass up, but I stayed because of the fast friendships I made.

My friends and I at my Brockapella concert last semester

My friends and me at my Brockapella concert last semester

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