I chose Brockport because of my major, but I stayed because of the people.

I chose Brockport because of my major, but I stayed because of the people.

Katelynn Groh—Remember that time in high school when you were trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life on top of trying to narrow down which college you wanted to go to? Try being told that there is only one college that has your chosen major in the WNY area…it was terrifying. After many sleepless nights, I had decided that I wanted to major in meteorology, but I didn’t know of any schools, so I asked my earth science teacher if he knew of any and he said, “The only one relatively close is Brockport. Other than that you’ll have to go out of state…Penn State has meteorology!” Now for those of you who don’t know me, I am a home-body…I love my family and I would not be able to handle going to school out of state/more than an hour or so away. After that conversation (and before I could go on a tour) I was like, “Okay. Guess I’m going to Brockport.”

The second I got home I looked up everything related to Brockport and found that I liked what I was seeing online, but I had to go on a tour to be sure. The summer before my senior year I set up a tour for my parents and me, and I was extremely nervous. I remember we made a wrong turn down New Campus Drive instead of Residence Drive and as we drove down New Campus Drive I only saw the library and the SERC (which wasn’t finished yet). I was like, “That’s it? That’s the campus? Where are all the dorms!?” Based off of what I saw on New Campus Drive I immediately thought, “I DO NOT want to go here,” and started freaking out. My parents told me to calm down and we eventually found Residence Drive/Admissions/where we were supposed to be going. Once we started the tour a HUGE wave of relief washed over me as I was seeing the whole campus, not just a small portion of it. I fell in love. After the tour I knew that this is where I wanted to go to school (not that I had a choice) and I bought a Brockport hoodie  😀

I was so excited to go to Brockport that I had finished my college application in September, got my letter in November, and accepted by December. It was official…I was going to Brockport…!!! The rest of my senior year was spent looking up everything related to Brockport and college in general. I started dorm shopping and figuring out how I wanted to arrange my room…I was beyond excited.

Then I started my freshman year, and it was everything I could’ve imagined my college experience to be and 10x more.

I met my professor and friends who had the same passion for meteorology as I did and understood my obsession of tornadoes and the like. I met my RD who encouraged me to apply to be an RA, and when I was accepted it led me to meet my best friends. I met my advisor who helped me realize that emergency management was what I needed to major in, not meteorology. I met one of my RAs who told me to come to a Brockapella rehearsal and today not only am I a member but an officer of the group also. I met someone who works in the Study Abroad office that suggested I apply for a trip, which led to me getting accepted into a month long trip to Europe this summer.

I thought I was limited to Brockport because of my major, but little did I know all the doors this place would open for me. ❤



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