I chose Brockport because of the community, but I stayed because of the faculty.

I chose Brockport because of the community, but I stayed because of the faculty.

Liz Herrmann—When touring Brockport, I felt the sense of community with every building we entered! Everyone was laughing and smiling, and it was infectious. I found myself saying Hi to people and smiling at strangers! I was home, my future family was here, I definitely felt like I was right where I belonged.

As my first year progressed, I got close with tons of people; we made irreplaceable memories and took a gazillion pictures. I joined a million clubs and organizations, I went to sporting events, I participated in 4ks and weekends of Late Night activities, and ate countless pieces of Mac n’ Cheese pizza from Trax — all of these things contributed to the community, and I felt like an important piece of the puzzle.

Being a communication major was one of the best decisions I could have made, because it was my niche; I fit in with everyone else and we were interested in the same things! I met some of my favorite professors in my first year, professors who got to know me, asked about how everything was going and really helped me adjust to college. As my time at Brockport continued, these professors helped me become the leader on campus that I am today. They pushed me harder than ever, and they challenged me to learn more about myself, my relationship to the community and my place in the world. My professors have all assisted me in learning in and outside of the classroom. Meeting them for lunch and talking about things that were happening in the world have been some of the most beneficial experiences. They taught me that sometimes you need to take time for yourself, remember the real important things in life, make sure those in your life know that they are important, learn about people because everyone that comes into your life has something to teach you.

I hope as I continue with education with going to graduate school that I will find more professors that reach me on a personal level and really teach me life lessons, not just chapters and theories. Make sure to find those professors, get to know them, pick their brains and ask for advice and for them to share their experiences; they have a lot to teach us. I know as I go into each class that I’ll learn something, probably laugh at a couple cheesy jokes and smile at some lessons that you can’t find in any ten-cent store.

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