I chose Brockport because of its proximity, but I stayed because of my IT job and Delta College.

I chose Brockport because of its proximity, but I stayed because of my IT job and Delta College.

Alex Winslow—I chose Brockport because of its proximity to home. I was not even sure if I was going to go to college. My mind changed when I had the opportunity of an internship with Technology Support Services (TSS) and then was connected with Delta College. My freshman year started with a bang, knowing the campus already and having a lot of work to do.

College has certainly helped change me. I have been challenged so much that I do not think my high-school self would recognize me. I’ve developed new traits, such as a large ambitiousness and confidence that I did not have a while back. Also I actually sit down and know how to study now. I still need to learn not to procrastinate. I am only speaking as a sophomore. The people on campus are certainly motivating. Friends, coworkers, and professors all have left an impact in some way. Delta has introduced a constant thought of reflection about myself and everything around me — social issues, professional relationships, networking, and my habits. The focus on the social sciences and exploring the human race through its issues and successes has been a very new thing for me.

My job with TSS helped me get experience in the IT field that has been very useful in my classes. Troubleshooting hardware, helping with the campus-wide wireless upgrade, and participating at open houses are some of the unique things I have experienced. When one of my professors talks about some of these things in class, I am able to link them together.

There is a heavy workload in Delta College, with many projects, readings and assignments to keep me busy. Looking back come December, I had not even realized how much work I had already done.

As my sophomore year comes to a close, I have learned many things and find that everything I have learned will lead to success. However, I first need to get my GPA up.

Remember — don’t procrastinate.

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