I chose Brockport because of my scholarship, but I stayed because of the opportunities.

I chose Brockport because of my scholarship, but I stayed because of the opportunities.

Lynn Carson—There were actually a lot of reasons I considered Brockport when I was applying to schools. It was far from home, and I was looking for a change, which I most certainly got. I also visited a few college fairs my junior year. I knew what my impossible dream school was, but I needed a few more realistic options. One of my big questions for each recruiter was, “Can I finish a double major in Spanish and Environmental in four years?” Brockport was one of the very few schools who told me I would have no problem as long as I put in the effort. I’ve since switched from Environmental to Health Science, picked up a minor in Women and Gender Studies, and I won’t actually graduate in four years — I’ll graduate in three.

Ultimately, I ended up picking Brockport because, as an incoming member of the Honors College, they offered me a full-tuition scholarship, which was hard to pass up, and a free iPad, which was really hard to pass up. I was sort of worried because Brockport was, for the most part, my back-up option throughout my entire application process. But I ended up being really happy with my choice. Brockport gave me a lot of opportunities I don’t think I could’ve gotten at any other school I applied to. Besides being able to graduate an entire year early, I studied abroad my very first year and worked as a research assistant on two studies last year. This semester, I was selected for two departmental awards. I’ve been able to get involved with organizations on and off campus which I’m really passionate about. I have advisers I really feel care about not just my academic success, but me as a person as well.

Brockport has afforded me a lot of really great opportunities, and that is why I chose to stay.

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