Mental Breaks = Happiness

Missy Fischer—I can’t believe that we’ve already been back to Brockport for a week since spring break. This semester is on the downhill swing of the roller coaster and it’ll be over before we know it, I’m sure. I’m not going to lie though; spring break couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I was starting to get bogged down by all the exams and assignments. But thankfully, spring break was the light at the end of the tunnel and I made it there. For break, I went away to Key West, FL. It was an amazing vacation and exactly what I needed to refresh my brain and get me ready for the second half of this semester.

 But I wanted this post to be about ways to manage stress and regroup yourself when exams and assignments are getting you down, because there isn’t always a nice, weeklong break around the corner. I know the best thing for me to handle my stress is to just take a mental break from my schoolwork. Some outlets (on campus) to clear your mind can be going to the SERC and working out in the fitness center, or taking a fitness class. The schedule for these classes is online and also right in the fitness center lobby on the front desk. (My personal favorite is Cycling!) Another option to allow you to get your mind off all the schoolwork is attending programs that the Resident Assistant’s (RAs) put on for the students in the Residence Halls. Also, there is usually always something going on in the Union on campus. Some other things I personally do to manage my stress are NAPS, treating myself, or simply watching reruns of my favorite show (Grey’s Anatomy). Relieving stress is really important to keep yourself motivated, confident in your studies, and to help you stay healthy, so whichever way you choose to de-stress is fine, as long as you’re making time to take a mental break and refresh your brain. Because hey, college can be tough and we all need a little break sometimes.

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