Brockport Nostalgia

Katelynn Groh—Wooo it’s Spring Break! A break that seemed like it would NEVER come! I’ve been dreaming all semester of seeing my family for the first time since January, sitting in my pajamas all day, catching up on all my shows, and most importantly…cuddling with my fur babies!!

But now that it’s finally here I’m longing to be back at Brockport. Maybe it’s because I am currently sitting on my couch in my pajamas procrastinating homework (homework on spring break!?); or maybe it’s because all my friends are on some wild spring break vacation in Panama City, Ireland, NYC, LA, or Myrtle Beach and I have a severe green monster on my shoulder!

So this blog is about the 5 things I miss about Brockport while on breaks.

#1. Trax. There is nothing like Trax mozzarella sticks after a real crappy day…mozz sticks (and french fries) are my favorite comfort food of all time. Just be careful to monitor how much Trax you’re eating because it can add up real fast!

#2. My advisor. He’s seriously the best…a 10 minute meeting easily turns into an hour because we sit there and talk about anything and everything. He has helped me so much and I can’t thank him enough!

#3. My Brockapella fam. Words cannot describe how much I love my Brock-a-fam. I look forward to Brockapella rehearsals because that means I get to be with all of my favorite people and even if it’s only for 3 hours a week it’s easily the best 3 hours of my week.

#4 The showers. Okay so this one is a little weird because who likes communal showers!? Well, I do. I’ve never seen a disgusting shower at Brockport so I don’t get what all the fuss is about, but my shower at home SUCKS. My dad bought this stupid shower head and it’s a mist of water. A MIST. I brought home 2 friends last year for Easter and I warned them about the shower and they thought I was kidding! But when the one got out of the shower she goes, “Wow. You weren’t kidding. It literally is a mist!” And despite protests from my mom and I, my dad STILL has yet to buy a new shower head. 😡 Hopefully — no…we ARE, getting a new shower head this summer when we redo the bathroom!!!

#5. My best friends. All of my best friends live 3+ hours away from me. Therefore, I go into withdrawal because we don’t see each other everyday like I’m used to during the school year. Yes there’s snapchat, texting, and facetime but it’s not the same!


Those are just 5 things that I miss about Brockport, but I could go on and on…it was really hard to choose just 5. Brockport is my second home and while I long to be back, I’m going to appreciate the time I have at my home home this week! Hope you’re all having a fantastic spring break!

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