Among Midterm Madness

Liz Herrmann—Twas the week before spring break and all throughout campus

students were defining ridiculous terms such as grampus.

Flashcards were flying, coffee galore,

everyone rushing to have midterms no more.

Papers on papers, “Thank god multiple choice”

students muttered quietly with a tiny small voice.

Countdown to Florida and warm weather abundant.

In six weeks, this will all feel very redundant.

Hey everyone!

I hope you enjoyed my little poem, more importantly I hope you looked up the word grampus and were pleasantly surprised.

During this midterm madness just remember some helpful tips:

Skim! The night before, you might want to try to remember every single word, but this is ineffective. Take note of headings, reoccurring themes and key words or phrases!

Get somewhere quiet! The Library has extended hours during this time to accommodate all of our students. And the computer lab is always a great option too!

Disconnect! Turn off Facebook, twitter, pinterest, cat videos and turn the cell phone on do not disturb. This will force you to focus on one thing and one thing alone.

Find your own style! When first coming to college your studying style might be extremely different than what is effective in college. When I was in high school I used to study with music on and I did not do it very often. Now I have to study for multiple chunks of time a week or so before the test. I also can’t study with music; I like to listen to the sound of waves! They have a bunch of different tracks on Spotify, some with thunder, some with birds, some loud crashes; it all really depends on what you want.

In the end, remember: if you did your best, you did your best; that is the only thing you have power over.

Good luck with exams and have a fun, safe spring break!


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