Bo Burnham at Brockport

Bo Burnham at Brockport

Spencer Linsner—Hey Everyone! Been a while since I posted, but for the past week or so I’ve been itching for the chance to sit down and write this post.

On Friday, February 20, I had the chance to see Bo Burnham live, right here at the Tuttle North Gym on Brockport Campus. If you don’t know Bo, he’s an entertainer who’s equal parts singer/songwriter and comedian, and you need to look him up on YouTube. Like right now.

I’ll wait.

Ok, I got tired of waiting. Embedded videos for the lazy.


(“oh, bo” was the song he sang for an encore)

You can watch his full movie “what.” on both his YouTube channel as well as on Netflix.

As for the Brockport performance, it was just spectacular. All of the great wordplay, acerbic wit, and just plain funny music I had come to recognize as being a part of Bo’s style were on display in spades.

There were even some fun twists that you can only get from being in a live audience. When someone yelled out “REPEAT STUFF” (one of his songs), he quickly replied with “I know my songs”. Anything and everything was fair game, from our mascot Ellsworth (“It sounds like he’d threaten to make you a cup of tea!”) to students in the audience (‘Rick’ and ‘Danny the Math Guy’, you know who you are”), to Bo himself (self-deprecating humor is another big part of his act).

Another thing I loved about the show was that he showed off what is arguably the best thing about him: his seriousness. While that sounds like an awful trait for a comedian to have, here’s what I mean. First, have a listen to his song “From God’s Perspective.”, which he played here at Brockport.

You’ll notice at the start of the song, it’s just fairly silly stuff. But as the song moves on, he starts to confront some uncomfortable truths about humanity, sometimes in a funny way, sometimes not. And sometimes, he’ll finish on a funny note. This is how a lot of his comedy is, and to me, it’s really pretty cool to listen to a comedian who isn’t afraid to touch topics like that.

In closing, I absolutely loved his show, and was thrilled that the Brockport Student Government was able to get him to perform for us. If you’d like to read more about the show, here’s the article the student newspaper wrote on it.

And last, but not least, here’s a Vine of Bo’s rap remix of “I’m a Little Teapot”

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