Late-night snack locations

Late-night snack locations

Elaina Mancuso—Since coming to college, I don’t think I’ve had a regular meal schedule. It’s always varied with classes, activities, or if I could find a friend to eat with. When the dining halls are closed, and I’m in need of a late-night snack, I’ll usually choose from one of these five places, in no particular order:

  1. Wegmans. It’s open 24 hours, is a three-minute drive from campus, and has pretty much anything you could want to eat.. because, well, it’s a grocery store. Depending on my mood, I’ll go for a pre-packaged sub, salad, or Chinese food. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll want to take a trip down the bulk candy aisle. Wegmans accepts traditional forms of payment (i.e. not Dining Dollars or Easy Money).
  1. Trax. It’s BASC’s late-night food source and is open ‘til 1 a.m. (BASC manages the College’s dining services). Trax serves up pizza, subs, calzones, soup, gluten-free options and more. Delivery on-campus is even available and they accept Dining Dollars and Easy Money, which is nice when you don’t want to spend your cash.
  1. Barber’s Grill. Let me just say that I’m from Buffalo (home of the chicken wing) and this is my go-to establishment for wings. It’s a small bar located in the village (about a 10-minute walk from campus). Barber’s has wing specials on Sundays and Mondays for $0.50 each. You can get boneless wings at the special price on Sundays and regular wings on Mondays. They even have their own “Barber’s Sauce” if you want to sway from conventional wing sauces.
  1. Jimmy Z’s Texas Hots. You can’t claim you’ve visited Brockport without at least stepping foot in Jimmy Z’s. This place is hopping on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, especially after the bars close. It’s a fried food paradise serving up garbage plates, pizza logs, mozzarella sticks, and pretty much everything else under the sun. Check out the full menu here. Jimmy Z’s accepts Easy Money.
  1. Coffee. Coffee is not a restaurant, but if you’re in need of a caffeine kick, visit Aerie Café in Drake Memorial Library (a part of BASC, accepting Dining Dollars and Easy Money) or hit the Tim Horton’s drive-thru. Aerie Café has a pretty good selection of specialty coffees and they have friendly service—they close at 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 p.m. on Sundays. Tim Horton’s is open 24/7 and brews some tasty coffee, but you’ll have to spend your hard-earned cash here.

I think I’ve covered the Brockport basics for late-night snacks. Where are your favorite places to go for food after the sun has set?

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