Comic Con 2015

Comic Con 2015

Alex Winslow—I stumbled upon Comic Con that was happening at Drake Library last night.  I started off by going to an Introduction to Anime panel.  Then I walked around and got a tour of the new Makerspace area.  This is where the 3D printers are on campus.  When I walked in they were making a Tri-force from the Legend of Zelda video game and also were attempting to make a mushroom 1-up from the Mario video game series.


I next went and walked around the main floor.  In the Aerie Cafe, the Brockport Gaming Association were playing different games and people could walk in and out.  There were vendors by the main stairway that were selling comics and a few other items.  I have to say there are a lot of creative people on this campus.

There was an anime trivia panel that was going on:Comic con

I got to see a game called Button Bashers which has been developed right here in Rochester.  It is a card game that takes pixilated characters and has you fight them using different card combinations.  This was a pretty clever idea.  I got to do a small demo and spoke with one of the creators, Nate. He was a cool guy to trade gaming stories back and forth with.

nate from button basher

Finally I spoke with Liz Pritchard, who has self-published her own comic using only pencil shading.  The story is centered on her experience of autism and using the comic to express herself and a friend in an adventure.  Plus it spreads an awareness of mental illness through the story.  Here is her Twitter, if you’re interested in checking out her unique creativity:

Of course I have to talk about the different costumes that people dressed up in.  Seemed like there was a lot of time spent on the different costumes.  I did not take any pictures of them, but I saw references to Pokemon, Doctor Who, Attack on Titan, and many more.

I had never gone to a Comic Con before, but I can say last night was awesome!

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