Back At It For The Spring Semester

Back At It For The Spring Semester

Missy Fischer—Hey guys, I can’t believe that the spring semester has already taken off and is in full swing. I know that with this only being the beginning of week 3, I have already had a bunch of assignments and work to do. This semester I’m taking four classes and have my weekly clinical rotation at the hospital. I’m taking a Maternity and Newborn class, Geriatrics class, Pharmacology class and Medical Surgical II Class. The Maternity and Newborn class is about a Nurse’s patient care for both the mother before and during pregnancy, as well as patient care for the newborn. My geriatrics class is about patient care for the older adult. Pharmacology is a class based on learning about medication drug classes and their effects on the human body, and the medical surgical II class is all about diseases and common health issues and their symptoms and treatments for them. I took medical surgical I last semester so this is just a continuation of that class. All my classes have been going well so far and I’m super excited about all that I have already learned and also what else is in store for the rest of the semester.

 The beginning of the semester can be stressful and overwhelming… but with some organization and time management the transition into the semester can be much more settling and not as stressful. My personal tip for organizing in the beginning of the semester is to get a big monthly calendar for your desk and take all your syllabuses, go through them all, and color coordinate (by different class) each assignment and its due date, exams and other important information for that class throughout the semester. Some people I know make fun of me for “planning out my life four months in advance,” but to me, it helps me stay organized and on top of all my assignments and exams coming up. Everyone is different though, so you just have to find your own niche and figure out what works best for you!! 🙂

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