An update from my break

Alex Winslow—I hope everyone had a really awesome holiday. This break I have been keeping busy with working and taking the time to organize for next semester. I took the time to meet up with friends and had a few much-needed laughs with them.

I have had the experience of purchasing my first car from a dealership this break. I went to Barry Dodge in Brockport and ended up with a great deal. Along with that they provided satisfying service. I was impressed on the day of delivery they had the car running impending my arrival. I was very pleased, so to any commuters looking for a great place to get a car from, I certainly recommend it.

barry dodge location

Besides being without a car I have been enjoying some time off from some of the normal school work. I have been busy with working at an internship. My new internship is with a CPA firm. I have had the chance to learn a lot. For example, when you are given the task to change passwords, make sure you do it in an effective and efficient manner. At this internship I have the ability to learn about how websites can be edited, systems/networks, and printers. This experience also can come from the support role I have for the company. I look forward to what I will learn from being an IT intern.

If anyone has any questions about my internship or my car-buying experience, please tweet me at Bport_alex.

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