My Favorite Memory of This Semester: Swing Dance Swagger

Alex Winslow—My favorite memory from the semester would have to be participating in Dime-a-Dance here at Brockport. It was a showcase of many different varieties of dance. In all honesty I never had any intentions of performing before, so it was a new experience for me. Everyone had dressed in festive attire. I was waiting in anticipation for my group. I became nervous as we got closer and closer to our turn. All of a sudden, it was time for the Swing Dance Society to perform with a medley of “Let It Snow” by Dean Martin and “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller. My nervous feelings began to ease up. We walked onto the stage, and the crowd started to get excited. I was able to hear someone say, “I am sooo excited” from the audience. We got into our positions and the music started.

I started off the group as everyone began to move with the many steps we had learned. My favorite part was when each couple did their own improv of swing and everyone else would be clapping. The ending was done with a group pose to end “Let It Snow.” The song ended and the audience shouted out in approval.

All in all, it was a very fun moment to be a part of.

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