My Favorite Memory of This Semester: Hands-on Nursing Experience

My Favorite Memory of This Semester: Hands-on Nursing Experience

Missy Fischer—This past semester was filled with some pretty amazing memories for me. It was the first semester I was in the nursing program here at Brockport, so I knew coming in it would be a semester of new experiences left and right. So if I had to choose my favorite memory of this semester, I would have to say it was my first day of clinical.

My first day of clinical was pretty special to me because of course I was nervous, I wondered what my instructor would be like, I kept thinking I was forgetting something, and I just wasn’t sure what to expect.

Pause…. Okay, so for anyone who is unfamiliar with what clinical is –> Clinical is pretty much like a “lab” for nursing students. So, the first semester (in the second seven weeks) of junior year in the nursing program here at Brockport the nursing students get split up into groups of 6-10 students and get put into the hospital for 8-hour days once a week. In that time at the hospital, we as students were able to practice our skills that we had learned earlier in the semester. So, we were able to perform head-to-toe assessments on patients, subcutaneous injections, etc.

So this is my favorite memory, because although I was so nervous and unsure of what to expect, it was a really amazing experience and I felt so comfortable that day. I felt that I had been well prepared for what my instructor expected of me and that day really validated for me that I was doing what I wanted — that nursing and the path that I’m on is exactly where I need to be. Ultimately this day and experience made me feel that all my hard work and accomplishments thus far are really going to pay off in future clinical rotations and down the road when I graduate. Therefore, it was a no-brainer that this experience was my most favorite, this semester.

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