My Favorite Memory of This Semester: Brockapella Magic

My Favorite Memory of This Semester: Brockapella Magic

Liz Herrmann—Over the past 15 weeks, a ton has happened — a TON! Picking my favorite memory was so difficult because there have been so many! From spending time with residents to the Hunger Games with Late Night, or carving pumpkins! One of my favorite things that I do on campus is Brockapella! We are a co-ed a cappella group and we have a ton of fun! This semester we put the Disney medley on our repertoire! And when I first looked at it, it seemed like 7 minutes and 15 seconds of things that could go wrong. I thought it would take us the entire year to get the song just because it was a hard song and we were also learning other songs. The first time we got the whole thing, it took on the true form of Disney: Magic. The notes lined up, the dynamics were there, we were all dancing and so into it; it was amazing! All of our hard work, hours of drilling notes, hours doing the same thing over and over again, had finally paid off. When you’ve sang all of your life these are the “thanksgiving meals” that make it all with it; you get your fill and it rejuvenates you. It makes you excited to go on with your day with this new energy. The notes are on point and everyone is invested in making it sound fantastic; there’s nothing like it. This was my favorite memory of the semester because so many things in a students life feel like this. When you get a good grade it feels good but not this good. When I help a resident I hope I helped them but sometimes I never find out. Sometimes students come back and thank you or update you on how everything’s going but most don’t so you don’t get the satisfaction of knowing if you helped someone. This was something that we worked so hard for and we heard it become melodious right in front of us. I hope everyone has this feeling at least once in their college career with something they love, it makes all of it worth it.


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