Finals Week Memes!!!

Finals Week Memes!!!

Liz Herrmann—Greetings Everyone!

As we go through finals week you all probably wonder what it feels like. Is it really as stressful and sleep depriving as everyone says? Yes.

I have found a great way to get a clear view of what Finals consist of is to ask some Brockport students! Keep in mind these memes are all submitted by Brockport students and are 103% accurate! The nice thing is that we all still have a sense of humor during this stressful time and these memes offer us a little chuckle while cramming for exams! To avoid feeling like any of these memes, use a few of these study tips:

1. Review what you learned in class that day for about 15 minutes. Studies show that studying in small, more frequent amounts is more effective and leads to a more successful outcome!

2. Listen to classical music or music that is very subtle and not distracting. This will help your brain stay motivated! Of course if classical music puts you to sleep then don’t do that!

3. Take dance/ yoga breaks! This is from Liz’s book of study tips! If I study for half an hour I’ll take a five minute dance break because it helps recharge your brain and get that blood pumping! Some people prefer yoga which is totally fine and definitely accomplishes the same goals!

4. Know when to take a break; some people struggle with this one. Studying for four hours straight may seem to be a a smart idea but your brain is fried. Studying for too long is ineffective; your brain is like a sponge and if you don’t give it a break it will stop retaining information.

Hopefully these tips help you. May your study time always be worth it, may your study guides always be exactly what is on the test, and may your group projects never fail.

Now enjoy these memes!

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