The Myths of Brockport’s Nursing Program

The Myths of Brockport’s Nursing Program

Missy Fischer—Hi, everyone! So I’m back to continue my posts regarding how I chose my major and what it’s taken for me to get where I am now in the program here at The College at Brockport. Just to recap, I left off my last post with letting you all know how I chose to become a nursing major, that I still want to become a Registered Nurse today, and that I am currently in the nursing program here at Brockport. I know that many incoming students are interested in Brockport’s nursing program (which I totally understand because it’s an amazing program and also looked at very highly in the surrounding Rochester area hospitals). But I also know that with the program being so competitive and prestigious, there are a lot of rumors and myths about getting into the program.

First off, when a student wants to apply to Brockport for nursing, they must apply as a nursing intent. As an incoming freshman when I first was looking into colleges I had no idea what this meant. To sum it up, when incoming freshman students apply to Brockport and want to be a nursing major, they do not get direct entry into the program. They can be accepted as a nursing intent, which ultimately means they must complete a specific set of prerequisite classes and receive good enough grades to then apply and become accepted in Brockport’s nursing program.

So here’s where the rumors start flying. People will say things like “you have to get a 3.9 or a 4.0 to get into Brockport’s nursing program” or “it’s impossible to get in” or “they don’t accept any transfers” or “you’ll have absolutely no life once you get in.” All these statements are entirely not true. I repeat: ALL THESE STATEMENTS ARE ENTIRELY NOT TRUE.

 As far as GPA is concerned when getting into the nursing program here at Brockport, what the faculty does is they take everyone who has applied from Brockport and place them in highest to lowest GPA order and take X amount of students from the top half of the list. So yes, ultimately it does come down to GPA, but it’s not impossible. I had a 3.67 GPA when I got into the program last year, but I also know people who got into the program with 3.4 GPAs as well. As far as transfers are concerned, the faculty selects X number of seats for transfers and they do the same thing where they take all the applicants and put them from highest to lowest GPA order and take X amount of the top half.

Now, the prerequisites that all nursing intents must complete before acceptance in the nursing program at Brockport include: biology, anatomy & physiology 1 and 2, microbiology, chemistry, statistics, psychology, sociology, nutrition, and developmental assessment. All but two of these courses must be completed before a student applies to Brockport’s nursing program. And ALL the courses must be completed before a student starts the program the following fall after acceptance. For more in-depth information on all this jazz, go to Brockport’s nursing home page.

I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s doable. And it’s worth it. From where I’m standing now, all the tears and nerves that I felt on the way to getting into the program seem beyond worth it now. My instructors are great and so willing to help, and I’m learning information now that I will use in my future career day in and day out. If I can give any nursing intents any advice, it would be: You can do it. Do your homework, go to the library, and study. You can do this. And it is SO worth it.

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