End of Semester Rush

End of Semester Rush

Lynn Carson—Frankly, Thanksgiving break is The Worst. This is primarily because it is not a real break. When you go to your parent’s home, in my case, my mom’s, your family wants to do 600 things with you to make up for the last three months of absence like you aren’t going to be home again in two weeks. This wouldn’t be a problem, except you are very tired at this point in the semester. You wanted to catch up on sleep this weekend and, more importantly, work that is due over the next two weeks, but it becomes increasingly clear that neither of those things will happen. The Arabic dialogue you must present from memory on Thursday will have to be learned in the three days — two days, really, since you are taking the GRE on Wednesday. You must also write your ethnography of a sex shop in that time. You must also read an article you are supposed to lead a discussion on in that time. You thought you were going to start a paper on non-binary gender identities, but it seems like a better idea for your mental health to put that off until Thursday when you finish your last class of the semester. Bliss.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Finish your work before then.

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