Katelynn Groh—I have to blog about this because it’s just TOO good not to share!

Are any of you from the Buffalo area? If so, you might’ve heard about the deer that crashed into a house through a window?

That was my house.

Let’s back up a little bit….

Monday morning. It’s 9:40 and I’m just about done straightening my hair. My phone buzzes and I see it’s a text from my mom. I only glanced at it and saw that it said, “I AM OK!!!!!” Now my mom has had a migraine all weekend so I assumed it was her telling me that it was finally gone…. wrong. I open up the message and this is what it actually says, “I AM OKAY!!!!! A buck jumped through our front window this morning, and was trapped in our house. Police came and the deer jumped back out the front window that he didn’t break the first time.”

I’m sorry, WHAT!? Can you repeat that please!?

I then did what any normal person would do and called my mom so that I could hear what happened. So the story goes…

My mom was sleeping and had both dogs on the bed with her, an 8lb. toy-rat terrier and a 100lb. Rottweiler. Now, when my mom sleeps she actually “hibernates”…it has to be pitch black and she sleeps with ear buds in so that she doesn’t hear anything. At about 7:45am she said she heard the gut-wrenching crash. Immediately Brandi, the Rottweiler, got up and ran outside to see what the noise was. My mom said she heard her yip and then she came sprinting back into the bedroom and hid under the bed. She said that Brandi was looking at her like, “You’re on your own. I have no idea WHAT that is!” My mom went outside and saw the mess and was SO confused as to what happened, when all of a sudden…a buck comes around the corner and into our kitchen. My mom then went back to her bedroom and shut the door. Coming from a family of hunters on both sides, my mom knew the deer was spooked and was probably in heat. Trying to calm the deer down, my mom opened her bedroom door and shouted out, “Oh deery deer…oh deery deer!” All of a sudden she saw a nose, followed by an antler, followed by an eye peek around the corner and look at her like, “Yea? Can I help you with something?” My mom then shut the door again and called 911. Now we have a 716 area code on our cell phones, but live in the 585. So when she called she got the Erie County Dispatch Office. The conversation that followed went something like this,

“911 what’s your emergency?”

“Hi there’s a deer in my house.”

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that please?”

“A deer is in my house and I’m trapped in my bedroom.”

“Mam. A deer is in your house?”


Long story short, mom got transferred to the Wyoming Country Sheriff’s Office where the same conversation happened. She said the cop arrived fairly quickly, but as she was locked in the bedroom she realized all the doors to get into the house were locked. She peaked her head outside and didn’t see the deer so she, very quietly, walked to one of the front doors where she could see the cop looking for a way in. He was shouting, “Are there any doors unlocked?” As mom was trying to tell him where our spare key was, the deer came around the corner into the kitchen and started CHARGING at my mom. She said he couldn’t really get a grip on the kitchen floor and was sliding all over the place like Bambi on ice. She quick shut herself into the bathroom just as the deer head-butted our bathroom door. A few minutes later she heard the cop yelling, “It’s gone!!!” She walked out of the bathroom to find the deer had jumped out of the other window, just a foot away from where the cop was standing. My mom said the cop looked a little freaked out and said he had heard of this type of thing, but never witnessed it before.

Oh what I would’ve done to have been a fly on the wall when this was happening!

After all was said and done, my mom is okay and the dogs are just fine. Brandi apparently was sticking close to mom’s side to make sure she was okay and was giving her lots of kisses. In total the deer did about $4,000 worth of damage, although, my mom is really excited about the fact that she gets to buy new carpeting! Lol! So there it is. Not everyday you hear something like this.

This is Martini. I’m imagining she stayed like this throughout the entire event because well…she’s a princess.
Brandi 🙂 She’s really photogenic because she hates the camera and just stares at it and tries to eat it. Yes, I have teeth marks on my phone.
Not even 2 seconds after I snapped this picture did she freak out. But hey, I got a picture of her smiling!
Here’s a diagram of our house so you can get a better image of the whole ordeal.
This is Martini a couple summers ago. And don’t worry, I was cropped out of the picture, but I was right there with her in the pool.
Deer 2
My mom is about to take her Nurse Practitioner board exams…this is all of her paperwork and study materials…scattered to the wind.
Went in through the right window, and came out through the left. And also damaged that stone wall/flower bed.

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