The Halloween Event

The Halloween Event

Alex Winslow—On Thursday, I went to the Halloween swing dance event. I arrived to join an event-wide game. All of the participants were joining in a giant circle. The game was that 2 people would start off dancing in the circle, then a shout-out would trigger the 2 people to find other people on the outside to come join in on the dance. This happened until everyone joined onto the floor.

Next came the costume contest. The winners were a pair of Mary Poppins and the chimney sweep. They certainly deserved the T-shirts that were their prize.

Next we broke into a free dance among everyone. I tried to teach as many people as I could how to dance with quick lessons. Many were able to pick it up really quickly. It was a really friendly environment to be a part of. I enjoyed meeting new people and even introducing some friends and classmates to it.

The night itself was very happy and friendly. You had people dancing, enjoying pizza, and laughing with each other. This was one of the many awesome events that had happened along with the other Halloween events occurring all over the campus.

skeletons dancing

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