serc imageAlex Winslow—The SERC is a place I have learned to enjoy after spending many hours there. I personally did not start going until this semester. Normally now my time is spent in the gym to lift weights. The staff on the gym floor are always friendly and willing to offer advice when you ask for their assistance.

The next big thing I appreciate is the amount of activity that you see all around. Classes and open recreation are usually in the other rooms. In regards to the gym itself, I really like the atmosphere in the room. The constant motion, smiles and loud music all around you as you work out keep it a fun environment. Along with working out, you can join in on class opportunities.

If you feel you want to learn more or are feeling like you do not know what do in the weight room, there are personal trainers which you can hire. This service is available to students and faculty. You also can sign up for intramurals with a team of students to compete in a tournament.

My experience at the SERC so far has been nothing but positive. I expect to continue a worthwhile experience from this awesome facility.

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