The Journey of Choosing my Major

The Journey of Choosing my Major

Missy Fischer—Choosing a major always seems to be a subject that causes a lot of college students stress and anxiety.  I know for me I had a lot of anxiety about not having my major established by the time I was a senior in high school.  I felt like everyone else knew exactly what they were going to do, but looking back now I wish I could have told myself that I had plenty of time to decide and there was no need to worry.  I decided I would write about my journey of choosing my major.  I plan on writing a few different posts describing my journey of my major and where I stand with it now.  This post will just be about when I officially decided I wanted to become a Nurse.

I grew up in a world revolving around Nurses. Both parents and both grandmothers work in the profession. Therefore, table talk at my house was something not many other families would be able to sit through or stomach. The untold stories of home healthcare and intensive care patients at a “big city” hospital were something I got to listen to every night during dinner. When I was younger, I was always intrigued but never had given any thought to becoming a Nurse myself. Regardless to not ever considering it, I was always a natural when it came to helping people that were in need. As I’ve gotten older, the natural response to help people who are hurt has become a calling; something I know I will forever enjoy and be happy doing.

The summer before my senior year of high school, I was on vacation with my parents and sister in Ocean City, NJ and late one night as I lay awake contemplating what I wanted to do the rest of my life, it hit me: I was destined to become a Nurse. I came to this conclusion by thinking of all the things I wanted out of a career and what characteristics I held that would make me successful in the specific career path I was going to choose. I decided I wanted to be a Nurse because I’ve always wanted to be in a profession that will make me happy at the end of every day and a career that I won’t dread going to day after day. Since I’ve always been an innate healer to those around me, I know that day in and day out helping others will give me the rewarding feeling I want from a career.

Three years later and these are still the same reasons I want to become a Nurse today. Since that summer, I have volunteered at my local hospital and did rotations to different units and found that my ability to stay calm, yet critical and compassionate will help me excel in the Nursing profession and will allow me to ultimately become a successful Registered Nurse one day in the future.

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