Apple..Appl..App..Apps !

Apple..Appl..App..Apps !

Katelynn Groh—Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while…this semester is jam packed with papers and exams and I can barely keep my head above the water, but I’m home for the weekend and have some time to write! 🙂

A couple summers ago I saved up and bought an iPad to complete my iFamily 😉 I justified it by telling myself I would use it for school… LOL. A whole year went by and I used it for everything BUT school. However, I decided to give it a shot this year. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it since I’m a person who learns by writing things down with an old-fashioned pen and paper. Turns out its not so bad! Only a couple of my classes have powerpoints, but the other 2 classes I use a notebook to take notes…baby steps! Anyways…here are some really cool apps I’ve found to help me take notes, study, and stay organized!

1. Notability IconNoteability – this app is a GOD SEND. This is the app I use to take all my notes. And the beauty of it? I can upload powerpoints and word documents that my professors post into Noteability and can take notes right on the document! I have all my classes sorted into color coded folders with cute little icons so I can stay organized! With Noteability you can type (if you have an iPad case with a keyboard), write with a stylus, highlight, and erase. It is totally worth $2.99! I can also back up my documents to either Google Drive or Dropbox, which brings me to my next app.

2. Google Drive IconGoogle Drive – if I had to choose between Google Drive and Dropbox, Google Drive wins all the time. I just find Dropbox hard to navigate and whenever I try to upload things from my phone for example, it takes forever..and with me being on the go all the time, I don’t have time to wait for documents to upload. Anyways, Google Drive. I import and export all of my documents through Google Drive and into Noteability. And yes, I have separate folders for all my classes ;P Other than that, Google Drive is really easy to navigate!

3. Blackboard App IconBlackboard – Brockport is currently in the process of switching from Angel to Blackboard and if you’re lucky, maybe one or two of your classes are on Blackboard! I love it, especially because there is a user friendly app that allows me to look up my grades, homework assignments, etc! Although there is a trick. When you download the app and search for Brockport it comes up with a message that Brockport hasn’t launched the mobile version yet, but they have! Go onto the blackboard sign in page on your laptop and to the right there is a code for the app. Type that into the search bar and voila! Now you have access to Blackboard on your iPhone/iPad!

4.Awesome Calendar IconAwesome Calendar – Before mid-semester break I would’ve told you that I could never ever have a digital calendar. I tried using the one that comes preprogrammed on iPhones but it was just to blah. Which is why the app is in the back of a random folder on my phone! I have to write things down in order to remember them. But then I kept running into the issue when I was out and about without my planner, someone would ask to do something and I couldn’t give them an answer without looking at my planner first. So I was starting to consider getting a calendar app, but where do I start? Well thanks to my app, she showed me the calendar she uses and I love it! There are so many colors in order to color code different events, there are emojis within the app, and you can totally personalize it. So if you’re okay with paying $6.99, I totally recommend this awesome calendar! Definitely worth every penny!

So those are the 4 apps I can’t live without when it comes to college and taking notes and staying organized! If you guys have any apps that you like to use, write them in the comments below! I’d love to look into them and try them out!

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