Mid-Semester Break, Just in the Nick of Time

Mid-Semester Break, Just in the Nick of Time

Missy Fischer—Midterms are always stressful, but this semester in particular I was extremely nervous for all my exams. This is my first semester in the traditional Nursing program here at The College at Brockport and although it has been a really exciting time for me, it has also been challenging and stressful. This has been my first semester at college where I have been continuously challenged academically day in and day out. I know that totally sounds scary, and that it might make you all wonder why I chose to continue in my major. But even though the material, assignments and exams can be challenging, it’s a good challenging. I have honestly learned more in the past eight weeks this semester than I think I have in the past eight months. And even though I am constantly busy with schoolwork, I am enticed and excited about all the material I am learning. I’m excited to know that I am now learning information that I will apply and use in my everyday career in a short year and a half away when I graduate.

Another aspect that really gets me through my days and week, especially when they are reallllly stressful, is the amazing staff that is in the Department of Nursing here at The College at Brockport. All my nursing professors have acknowledged that our classes are the most challenging we have had thus far in our college careers and really make themselves available to us students if we have any questions or need any extra help with material.

With that being said, my midterm week consisted of two midterm exams, two quizzes, one new class starting, one lab write-up, and a 25-page care plan due. (For anyone who doesn’t know what a care plan is, it is a written-out plan for patients that includes all their past and current medical history along with goals and plans for their discharge from the hospital.) So as you could all imagine, when 11 am on Friday came, I was more than ready to get my things together and go home for a nice long weekend 🙂

Before I even left Brockport, I knew I was going to be having a fun-filled, relaxing weekend at home. On Friday night, I spent time with one of my best friends who also came home from college for fall break (she goes to the University of Memphis down in Tennessee so it was really great to see her!) and another best friend whom I grew up with. Saturday I spent time relaxing at home and then went to a bonfire with my parents and enjoyed the company and the wonderful weather. Then, Sunday my family and I went to the Bills game up in Buffalo, NY, with a group of 20 other people. My entire family are big Bills fans, so it was really fun to be able to go together and enjoy the day. Unfortunately, yes, the Bills did lose… but it was still a lot of fun to just be at the game and enjoy the atmosphere there. The next two days of mid-semester break I spent just relaxing at home and spending time with my family.

By the time I came back to Brockport, I felt totally relaxed and geared up to tackle the next seven weeks of the semester! So here we are now, ready to rock and roll 🙂

Attached is a picture of the Buffalo Bills football stadium from this past Sunday, 10/12/2014.


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