Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate

blackboardAlex Winslow—I got to experience a new way of doing class. It was through Blackboard in my Scientific Exploration class. We were able to log onto the session and have a collaborative class. At first glance Blackboard reminds me of Skype, but you have some extra options. You will join a class session with your classmates. We started the class with everyone doodling on the document in front of us as we waited for everyone to join. As our professor got started, you would notice the large number of smiley faces we had drawn all over the place.

Once we got to business we were able to share our PowerPoints. Each person would talk about their part of the project. We would all make sure our microphones were off and listen to everyone. At the end of each presentation our professor would leave the class open for discussion. You could “raise” your hand by the push of a button and a notification would let everyone know it was your turn to talk.

Finally as you could present your projects it was awesome to be able to use Blackboard to be able to have class anywhere on campus. We were in many different buildings at the same time. I look forward to using this tool during the winter months. We may have the ability to have class in a warm place and not have to walk in the cold!

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