Behind The Podium

Behind The Podium

Liz Herrmann—Hey Everyone!

My name is Liz Herrmann and I am a junior here at the college! I am a communications and theater double major and I am also known as a Peer Mentor, “Oh crap it’s the RA”, Orientation Leader/ Icebreakers fanatic, Overnight Host and tour guide, and all of those things lead me to the podium. I was asked to emcee an event Saturday afternoon during Homecoming weekend. My speech was simple: explain things that I have participated in and how they’ve shaped my Brockport experience. Cake. Then I had to introduce the president. GULP. “Introduce the president? whaaaaa?”. It was that moment when I realized I had made it to exactly where I wished I would be when I was an upperclassman. I was the go-to person. This made me so nervous; going into student affairs was my passion and now I’d be speaking and introducing the President of our college?!

The day came, and I headed there with notes in hand, after rehearsing all night and going over which words sounded awkward, which words I needed in my speech, and then I got to the podium. I put my notes down and didn’t look once. All the preparing and scribbling notes were worthless to me now; I spoke about what I knew. I knew my path and how every experience at Brockport led me to here. The mentors I’ve had, the long nights, the multitude of phone calls to my mom, the interviews, the laughs, the friends — they all brought me here. I sat in the audience freshman year knowing I wanted to stand behind that podium and impact someone. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so proud of a picture. When I look at it I realize that the long nights, the mentors, the multitude of phone calls to my mom, the interviews, the laughs, the friends have only brought me halfway. I encourage each and every one of you to live your life, take everything that comes with it, good or bad, because everything leads you to where you need to be. I hope to see you all behind your own podium someday.emcee

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