Back to School: Year 3

Back to School: Year 3

Missy Fischer—Hi Everyone!

I just thought I’d start off by re-introducing myself.  My name’s Missy and I’m a junior nursing major here at The College at Brockport.  I have been a part of the Winging It blogging crew in the past and am returning from a brief hiatus! I’m a huge advocate for Brockport and I am so looking forward to sharing my college experience, along with all the reasons I love Brockport.

This summer I had the opportunity to become a Orientation Student Advisor (OSA).  For anyone who doesn’t know what an OSA is, it’s a job position through the college that current students can apply for to help run incoming freshman orientation the summer before they come to Brockport. Orientation was a two day event for each group (which consisted of about 200 students) and we had a total of 5 different sessions throughout a four week period, with a full week of training prior. Becoming an OSA this summer truly changed my life for the better and it was one of the best opportunities I’ve had here at Brockport.  I was a part of a staff of 22 people, who before orientation I did not know, but after the 5 weeks I can honestly say that I made some of my dearest friends I have here at school.  Sometimes going back to school after a fun summer at home can be tough, but spending half my summer in Brockport with my amazing staff and also looking forward to seeing my other friends from freshman and sophomore year, made me more than ready to get back to school and back in the swing of things by the time August 21st rolled around.

As my third year is starting up, and I am starting my first year as a nursing student, I am super excited. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with all the work that I wasn’t used to throughout the summer months, but at this point in the semester… week 5 (can you believe it?!)… I’ve been able to settle in with the amount of work I will be having for my course load and have been able to balance it out.  My tips on how to balance out and organize your course load are to organize your agenda, organize a month long calendar and make “TO DO” lists for when assignments are due and when tests and quizzes are.  To me this is the best way to keep me on track and know which assignments I have to do and when they’re all due! 🙂

IMG_1576 Here’s a group photo of my orientation staff this summer!

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