The New Rules of the Job Search: Creating a Persona on the Web

Jim Mignano, alumnus—One of my favorite authors, David Meerman Scott, recently published a video interview on his blog, in which he provides his best advice for university students.

There are going to be tons of applicants for the jobs you apply for after college. Some of them are going to be smarter than you, come from more prestigious schools and have a lot of great experience.

Standing out is the trick. And according to Scott, the best way to stand out is “by creating an awesome personal brand on the web.” He says that he does not want to see a potential hire’s resume, but would rather see “something interesting they’re doing on social media.”

During your college years, ask yourself what a potential employer will find if they Google your name. Make it your goal to optimize that web content so they like what they find.

Yes – that means un-tagging yourself from the pictures from last weekend’s highlighter party and next weekend’s ABC party… but those are defensive strategies. You should also go on the offensive by producing the types of content that will be appealing to an employer. That means engaging with industry professionals on Twitter, producing a video series on YouTube, writing regular blog posts and definitely optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

How will you stand out from the crowd in your job search?

Watch Scott’s interview and more from Behind the Brand here:


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Jim MignanoJim Mignano graduated from Brockport in December 2013. He is currently an account coordinator at Text100’s Rochester office. As a self-admitted “social-junkie,” James loves forming and building relationships both online and off. In the off-chance that he is not tweeting, you might find Jim trying a new beer, reading a book or blogging.

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