Importance of internships

Elaina Mancuso—You can never start your career too early! That’s why internships are so important. They provide you with real world experience, skills, and countless other professional insights you wouldn’t get strictly from classes. Internships give you a chance to dabble in different industries and find what you do (or don’t) like.

My experience with my first internship at McDougall Communications has been incredible. Today, I’m on my way to Frankfurt, Germany because of my internship project. I have been coordinating the public relations outreach on the mission “Return to Normandy.” A restored C-47 warplane, also known as Whiskey 7, has toured the North-Atlantic and is now in Europe, making it’s way to Normandy, France for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The mission has graced the front pages of The New York Times and Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, and countless other news outlets including the Associated Press.

To this point, most of the prep work is completed. Once in Normandy, the ground work begins. This trip will solidify opportunities for myself, the museum, and others who have been involved with the project.

As the Verizon Wireless representative who activated my phone for international use said, “Wow, what a way to kick start your career!” It’s never too late or early to test out different industries or find your niche. The abundance of opportunities await you!

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