Random Thoughts… Finishing another chapter

Elaina Mancuso—Just some random thoughts as junior year/spring semester comes to an end:

–Junior year is 99% over. Presentations were presented, reports are submitted, and exams are taken– Now it’s a waiting game for final grades. I’m unsure if I will meet my goal of making Dean’s List with Honors, but I would be content with Dean’s List. Only time will tell!

–These past two semesters were amazing for me. I pushed myself harder than any other semesters, both academically and extracurricularly, almost to the point of burnout, which is why I am glad summer break is here. Highlights: I was able to help & guide 17 freshmen as their peer mentor, I grew as a writer having my work published in The Stylus and as a copy editor, I’ve settled on a career field (public relations), and I’m having an opportunity of a lifetime with my internship experiences (more to come on this), and of course all the amazing people I have met!

–This is a bittersweet end to the semester for me, as a lot of my close friends are graduating. Who knows when we’ll all be together at the same time again, but that’s why it’s important to cherish every moment with them. I wish them all well in “the real grown-up world” and feel for them as this time next year I will be preparing to walk across the stage (wow.)

I have so much to look forward to this summer and senior year of college. I’m excited for what the future holds– the people I’ll meet, places I’ll go, and experiences I’ll have!

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