Finish up strong

Elaina Mancuso—It’s the end of the spring semester, meaning I officially have only seven full class days left. Now, how does that happen so quick?! Summer break is less than a month away and the only thing standing between the students and freedom is the remainder of classes and the dreaded finals week (dun dun dun). What does the end of the semester entail? How do you survive it? How can you finish up strong? Take a look at these three tips to keep  yourself on track:


From my experiences, it seems to me that everyone waits last minute to start their final projects and presentations. And let’s be real, I’m guilty of it too. I keep myself in check by writing every single assignment or project due date in my agenda. That little book and the calendar on my phone are my life. I am able to flip through and see what’s due when, for what class, and how I can coordinate my schedule to find time to complete the assignments. This way, I’ll never forget when something is due and I’ll be able to avoid dates with the library until 3 a.m.


I’d be lying if I said I don’t stress out each and every single finals week. “GAHHHH I HAVE 30,0000 bajillion things to do before Friday!!!!!!!!!,” is definitely a reoccurring theme for me. Refer to tip #1 and remain calm. Something that always gives me peace of mind is thinking “I am one step closer to being done *deep breath* I am one step closer to being done” and repeat. If you keep a running list of assignments and check them off as you go, you’ll be golden.


The weather is generally beautiful this time of the year (when it’s not flip-flopping from 80 degrees to 20). Print off articles for your research paper and read them at the picnic table outside your building. Treat yourself to an Oreo Express from Jitterbugs on a study break. Get a massage at Hazen. Do something good for yourself, you deserve it with all the hard work you’ve put in to the semester!

Help yourself finish up strong. It’s not too late to start those assignments you’ve been putting off. Don’t rely on hoping your professor offers extra credit or will grade on a curve. Hold yourself accountable and you’ll do great! Think of summer as your end of semester reward– who could complain about that?

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