Double Majors and Minors: The Best of Both Worlds

Spencer Linsner—Next Monday at 6 am, the first wave of Brockport seniors (and those of us in Honors as well, but I’ll go into that in another blog) will begin registering for courses for the Fall 2014 semester. As Elaina mentioned in her most recent entry, meeting up with your advisor is crucial for making sure you’re on track for completing the major of your choice in time for graduation. That post had some other great tips, so I highly recommend that first-time freshmen give that a read.

If you’re like me however, your academic plan may end with you finishing up your requirements a bit earlier than the 4 year mark, but you still want to attend school for 4 years.

Or maybe you want to make yourself more marketable once you’re out in the real world?

Or maybe you like your major, but you’d like to study another subject, too?

Or maybe you like two different subjects, and can’t decide on which one to major in?




…then maybe a second major or minor is a good idea for you!

Tips for Choosing Your Second Major/Minor

NOTE: These tips come from this policy statement issued by the College itself, and was accurate as of April 2014.

There’s a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing whether or not to pursue a minor or second major, and in what department:

  • You can have a maximum of two majors and a maximum of two minors.
  • The College allows courses you take to satisfy more than one major. In other words, it’s a lot easier to double major if your majors are in similar disciplines. Don’t let that stop you from majoring in what you want, though: If you want to major in Meteorology and Dance, with a minor in Economics, then more power to you; you’ll just have to take more courses than you would if your majors were, say, Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Make sure that you make out the appropriate forms. Major/Minor declaration forms are available in the various departmental offices, as well as in Academic Advisement in Rakov Hall. Some programs, like all of those in the School of Business, have supplementary applications that must be filled out as well.
  • If you are getting a second major, an advisor in that discipline will be assigned to you. You may or may not be given an advisor for your minor, and if you don’t have one but you have questions, just go to the department office with them.
  • Finally, whatever you pick, make sure it’s something you love, or at least like. Otherwise, what’s the point?


Come back next week–I’ll be talking about my experience as a presenter at Scholars Day!

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