Course advisement: in control and ready to roll

Course advisement: in control and ready to roll

courseselectionElaina Mancuso—So long are the days of finding out who is in 7th period lunch or who is in homeroom with you. A great thing about college is being able to make your own schedule. No class on Friday? Sure, you can arrange for that. First class of the day at 1pm? Why not? You can arrange for that, too.

I have lucked out the past two semesters having class only Monday through Thursday and a lack of 8am classes. But, it’s all a matter of preference! This semester, I was able to open my schedule up for an internship by taking mostly night classes (aka I have a week to read, complete assignments, and study!).

After midterms each semester, students meet with their advisors to go over their schedules for the upcoming term. They are given a permission key so they can add the classes they want to take. Brockport also offers “Majors Reservations,” meaning students in their respected majors are able to sign up for classes before the general student population, giving them top class selection.

Often times, a course is offered by more than one professor. A great resource for choosing the right professor for you is This website makes the professor selection process much quicker and easier because ratings are given by students. Professors are ranked on overall quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness, and hotness (yeah, hotness).

Another great thing about making your own schedule is you get to decide how many credit hours you want to take. To remain a full-time student, a minimum of 12 is required, but what seems to be the average course load here is 15. The maximum credit hours I have taken was 18, but I have known a few people to take anywhere from 12 to 21.

You can make your advisement process run smoothly by doing two things:

1. Print your DARS report

2. Have a list of classes

You’ll want your DARS report so your advisor can make sure you are in good academic standing, completing prerequisite courses, and have taken certain assessments needed for graduation. This record also shows what courses are needed to complete the major, while listing what courses have been taken and the letter grade received.

The course schedule for the next term comes out with plenty of time to plan for future classes to take. Make a list in a word document, outlining your preferred courses, required courses, prerequisites that need to be fulfilled, and a few back up courses just in case. When gathering information for this list, write out the CRN (course number), subject, course, section, class day/time, and professor. It will come in handy when you register online!

Personally, I completed all prerequisite courses my sophomore year, took a semester of random classes to pinpoint a major, and am now working toward completing the required courses for my majors.

Being able to make your own schedule means that you’re in control. You get to choose what classes you want to take, with which professor, at which time, and schedule in meal and nap times! How much better does it get than that?

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