Spring break

Spring break

Alex Winslow—Man this week flew by. I was able to catch up on homework on Friday and Saturday. I’ve been busy from completing work for my human heritage class to working on campus this week. Hey, students, here is nice surprise if you have not discovered it yet: Dailey has gotten an upgrade with brand new all-in-one computers that will be much faster. They also take up less space, so enjoy them.

Along with working, I was able to take a break and just hang out with friends. I went to Brockport Bowl for Saturday night’s rocking bowl. Then I was able to go out to RIT during the week to attend a play about deaf culture. However, that play turned out to be moved up and it was replaced with a hilarious lecture by the author Kambri Crews. She had an awesome twist on her life and a funny way of talking. I liked being around the deaf students. They were interesting to observe as I mentally tried to pick out what they were signing.

Well, today is Monday which means all that sleeping I did should keep me awake today. I guess I should attempt to understand how to calculate an ellipse by the time class starts. Have an awesome day everyone.

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